A key mission from the very beginning was to develop the former Cluster of Excellence Engineering of Advanced Materials (EAM, 2007-2019) not only as nucleus and driving force for future research in fundamental and applied aspects of advanced materials and processes, but also as spearhead for innovation and most relevant future-oriented research. This highly ambitious goal will be promoted by the FAU Profile Center New Materials and Processes (FAU NMP).

Backbone of these high ambitions is the FAU Competence Center EAM, which serves as a sustainable platform to provide cross-sectional research, methodology development, high-end infrastructure, and expertise, as well as more than a decade of experience in the successful support of research initiatives.

Profile Centers shape the research profile of FAU with a wide range of cutting-edge research projects. An overview of all FAU profile, research and competence centers can be found on the FAU Research profile website.



Decomposition of zwischgold coating on medieval altar figure (Image and research: Andreas Späth, Rainer Fink, Physical Chemistry II; Qing Wu, Haute École Arc, Neuchâtel)
Zwischgold is an ultra-thin bilayer metal leaf that has been developed in medieval times as an alternative to gold leaves. It consists of a Au top-layer on Ag leaf. While…

FAU Profile Center New Materials and Processes (FAU NMP) is proud to join the LinkedIn network of FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/fau-nmp/

12-fold quasicrystal of patchy colloids (Image and calculation: Robert F.B. Weigel & Prof. Michael Schmiedeberg, Soft Matter Theory)
Patchy colloids are particles that interact with preferred binding angles. We have developed a new Phase Field Crystal Model that can be used to predict the complex phases that occur…

A nanophotonic chip with several accelerating structures on a 1ct coin. (image and research: Stefanie Kraus und Julian Litzel, Laser Physics)
Our research covers electron acceleration with nanophotonic structures powered by laser light. We just demonstrated a scalable nanophotonic electron accelerator on a chip with a substantial energy increase of 43%…


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