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12-fold quasicrystal of patchy colloids (Image and calculation: Robert F.B. Weigel & Prof. Michael Schmiedeberg, Soft Matter Theory)

May 2024

Patchy colloids are particles that interact with preferred binding angles. We have developed a new Phase Field Crystal Model that can be used to predict the complex phases that occur…

A nanophotonic chip with several accelerating structures on a 1ct coin. (image and research: Stefanie Kraus und Julian Litzel, Laser Physics)

April 2024

Our research covers electron acceleration with nanophotonic structures powered by laser light. We just demonstrated a scalable nanophotonic electron accelerator on a chip with a substantial energy increase of 43%…

Illustration of crack pattern emerging as a suspension dries. DEM9 art contest. (image and research: Meysam Bagheri, Multiscale Simulation)

March 2024

This image illustrates the crack pattern that emerges as a suspension dries. The system consists of interconnected particles held together by capillary bridges, which, upon evaporation, result in the formation…

Gelände des zukünftigen Wasserstoff Technologie-Anwenderzentrums WTAZ in Pfeffenhausen mit Anschluss an den Elektrolyseur für grünen Wasserstoff (Bild: Hynergy)

Neues Wasserstoffzentrum in Bayern

FAU beteiligt sich an Wasserstoff-Technologie-Projekt zu emissionsfreien Antriebstechnologien in Deutschland Die FAU ist am Wasserstoff-Technologie-Anwenderzentrum (WTAZ) beteiligt, das in Pfeffenhausen im Süden Bayerns entsteht und gerade in die Umsetzungsphase startet.…

Xantphos based hydroformylation catalyst solvated in a Bis-polytethylene glycol-functionalized (mPEG) imidazolium based Ionic liquid. (image and research: Dr. Christian Wick, Physics Underlying Life Sciences PULS)

February 2024

One of the central goals in the PULS group is the knowledge-based design of new selective and highly-active catalytic systems. To achieve this goal, we utilize state of the art…

DF-polarised light micrograph of a 100Cr6 indenter for diamond coating adhesion tests. (image and research: Maximilian Göltz, Materials Science and Engineering for Metals)

January 2024

Our group investigates PVD and CVD coatings with special focus on crystalline CVD-Diamond layers. This includes the design of coating machines, process optimisation and characterisation of the produced coating systems.…